AMD Official Mining Driver – Ethereum DAG Hashrate Drop Fix

How to fix Ethereum / Ethash DAG Epoch Hashrate Drop with the new AMD Mining Driver

Downloads you will need:

  1. Download Display Driver  Uninstaller (Latest Version
  2. Downlaod ATImdag Patcher (latest version 1.4.6):
  3. Download Beta AMD Driver for Blockchain Computer (Aug23):


  1. Unzip and Install Display Driver Uninstaller and ATIkmdag Patcher
  2. Go to the Display Driver Uninstaller folder and run DDU v17.0.8.0 to install.  After installation run the Display Driver Uninstaller program.   You will get an alert to let you know that you’re not in Windows Safe-Mode, you can either boot into Windows Safe-Mode (Hit F8 during reboot for Safe-Mode option, or hold shift key down and reboot from windows menu).
    I’ve done the removal without going into Safe-mode without any problems, if you want to continue in regular Windows environment, just select  REMOVE & REBOOT
  3. After the removal and reboot,  install the Win 10 64 Bit Crimson ReLive Beta Blockchain AUG 23  Driver.  After the new driver has completed it’s installation it will ask you to reboot the computer.  DO NOT REBOOT YET!!  Keep that window open and go to your ATIKmdag Patcher folder and run the ATIkmdag Patcher program.   Note:  Your PC might become unresponsive for a second while this is happening, when its complete you will get a notice that it’s been patched, you can then proceed with the reboot from the AMD Driver installer window.
  4. After your PC reboot you can go to your Radeon Settings and check under the overview tab to see if your current Radeon Software Version is BETA.  If so you’re all set to get running with your miner.

Note: Make sure you’re using the latest version of the miner e.g. Claymore 10.2 for Dual Mining.

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