Gigampz PSU Breakout Board

Gigampz Adapter Board for HP DSP-800GBA Power Supply

Great for Bitcoin Mining. Save 50% on power supply costs with Gigampz compared to a standard ATX power supply.  The Gigampz breakout board is compatible with the HP DPS-800GBA power supply typically used to power a server.  It offers a high quality inexpensive way to power devices requiring 12 volt power such as Bitcoin mining equipment and electronics projects.  It also offers optional easy remote monitoring and control via a Raspberry Pi.
Remote Monitoring & Control
You can control the Gigampz manually using the included jumper or you can hook it up to your controller of choice to remotely monitor it’s status and switch it on and off.  The Gigampz is compatible with popular devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beagleboard, micro-controllers, and similar devices.  The Gigampz uses 3.3v logic and its inputs are 5v tolerant.

Compatible Power Supplies

This Gigampz is compatible with the HP DPS-800GBA which also goes by the following part numbers; 379123-001, 399771-001, 380622-001, and 403781-001.  You can typically buy this supply used for $15 – $30 on eBay etc…

This board is intended for use with HP brand power supplies model number ‘DPS-800GB A’. The supply can be turned on and off via the JP1 header, either manually using the supplied jumper, or via an attached controller device such as a Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard, Arduino, or Microcontroller.


CAUTION: Before working with or attaching wires to the supply be sure it is off and disconnected from power. Even when 12 volt power is off the DPS-800 has standby 3.3 and 5 volt rails that are still active. It is important to unplug it before working on it to avoid causing a short which could damage the supply or cause injury


+12 VOLTS / GND – There are 12 screw terminal contacts, 6 for +12 volts and 6 for ground, that provide a way to attach the main load. Each individual contact is rated for up to 16 Amps of current and combined up to the maximum rating of the attached power supply. Each terminal can accommodate solid or stranded wire from 12 – 24 AWG in size. Be sure to use the appropriate gauge wire for your electric load.

JP1 – The ‘JP1’ header allows the supply to be controlled manually via the provided jumper or digitally by a Raspberry Pi or similar device such as a micro-controller, Arduino, or Beagleboard.

To operate the supply manually use the provided jumper to connect pins 2 and 3 (center pins) on the JP1 header to turn 12 volt power on. To turn 12 volt power off remove the jumper, or place it in the off position across pins 1 & 2.

Use caution when using an external device to control the supply. For example the state of the GPIO pins at boot on the Pi can vary between Linux distributions and rebooting the Pi could cause the supply to turn on unexpectedly until you have a chance to properly configure the pins.

STBY – Yellow LED is illuminated when the supply is plugged into the wall and receiving power
+12V – Green LED is illuminated when the supply is on and supplying 12 volt power.
Gigampz Adapter Board
This Gigampz is compatible with the HP DPS-800GBA which also goes by the following part numbers; 379123-001, 399771-001, 380622-001, and 403781-001.
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