Gigampz 800W-1000W Bitcoin Miner Power Supply Kit

Gigampz Breakout Board (Adapter) for DPS-800GBA Power Supply

Save 50% on power supply costs with Gigampz compared to a standard ATX power supply. The Gigampz breakout board is compatible with the HP DPS-800GBA power supply typically used to power a server. It offers a high quality inexpensive way to power devices requiring 12 volt power such as Bitcoin mining equipment and electronics projects. It also offers optional easy remote monitoring and control via a Raspberry Pi.

Remote Monitoring & Control
You can control the Gigampz manually using the included jumper or you can hook it up to your controller of choice to remotely monitor it’s status and switch it on and off. The Gigampz is compatible with popular devices such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beagleboard, micro-controllers, and similar devices. The Gigampz uses 3.3v logic and its inputs are 5v tolerant.

Gigampz Breakout Board Compatible Power Supplies
This Gigampz is compatible with the HP DPS-800GBA which also goes by the following part numbers; 379123-001, 399771-001, 380622-001, and 403781-001.

Additional Notes from Gigampz
This board is intended for use with HP brand power supplies model number ‘DPS-800GB A’. The supply can be turned on and off via the JP1 header, either manually using the supplied jumper, or via an attached controller device such as a Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard, Arduino, or Microcontroller.

Before working with or attaching wires to the supply be sure it is off and disconnected from power. Even when 12 volt power is off the DPS-800 has standby 3.3 and 5 volt rails that are still active. It is important to unplug it before working on it to avoid causing a short which could damage the supply or cause injury.

What Bitcoin Mining Equipment will Gigampz Miner Power Supply Kit work with?
The Gigampz is a generic +12 volt power supply (same as a 6-pin PCIe connector) and will work with most Bitcoin mining equipment as long as you have the appropriate cable. For example Gigampz works great with Antminer S1, S3, S3+, S5, Spondoolies SP20, Gridseed, Bitfury, and most other mining equipment.

Order Gigampz Bitcoin Miner Power Supply

Gigampz 800W PSU Kit
Gigampz 800W PSU Kit
HP 800W-1000W Power Supply PSU + 4 PCI-E 14AWG breakout Kit for Antminer S3, S1, S5 You will receive: 1 X 800W-1000W HP PSU 1 X Gigampz Breakout Board 4 x 24" 16AWG PCI-E Cables 1 X 5FT Power Cable

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